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In eigener Sache: Isabelle Riederer joins WWCOTY

The Women's Worldwide Car of the Year (WWCOTY), is pleased to announce that Isabelle Riederer has joined its international jury. WWCOTY is the only car awards in the world composed exclusively of women motoring journalists, and with Isabelle Riederer’s appointment, now features 76 judges from 53 countries.


Isabelle is one of the most recognized motoring journalists in her country. She currently writes for 20 Minuten(the largest free daily newspaper in Switzerland), Auto Bild Schweiz, AUTO&Wirtschaft, Electric WOW and AboutFleet.


She started to work for the Swiss motor media publisher A&W in 2014, first working as an editor and later taking over as editor-in-chief of the Swiss aftermarket magazine AUTO&Wirtschaft. In 2022, Isabelle set up her own creative agency, Erste Sahne Content GmbH. Not only does she continue to write about cars and mobility for numerous Swiss media outlets, she also supports Swiss car importers with content creation and communication. "The automotive industry has changed rapidly in the last five years and developments are continuing, but one thing remains: the emotions! That's what makes it so exciting for me as a journalist to write about it."


Isabelle is particularly concerned about the role of women in the automotive industry. "The image of women in the car industry has already changed a lot in recent years. Whereas women used to be the pretty appendage on the hood, today they are self-confident, independent and know what they want. But there is still a lot of room for improvement - both on the customer side and on the manufacturer side, and especially in the aftermarket."


The influence of women in the automotive industry should not be an exception, but a matter of course. "That's why it's a great honor for me to be part of WWCOTY."


About Switzerland


Switzerland has a very high proportion of 4x4 and high-powered vehicles. Swiss purchasing power with regard to cars is very high. In 2023, 255,918 new vehicles were registered in Switzerland. The trend in Switzerland continues to be towards SUVs and 4x4s. Even though electromobility is on the rise, it is still struggling in Switzerland. Besides, not only does Switzerland have the highest Porsche rate in the world, it also has one of the most highest regarding supercars and hypercars.


The Swiss like heavily motorized and, above all, well-equipped vehicles. Numerous manufacturers often only bring their new cars onto the market in Switzerland in the highest equipment variants because the lowest equipment variant is rarely in demand.



About Women's Worldwide Car of the Year


Women's Worldwide Car of the Year is the only car awards group in the world comprised exclusively of women motoring journalists. It was created by New Zealand motoring journalist Sandy Myhre in 2009. She is Honorary President while Marta García is Executive President. 


This unique award aims to recognise the best cars of the year and to give a voice to women in the automotive world. The voting criteria are based on the same principles that guide any driver when choosing a car. The jurors do not select a ‘woman’s car’ because cars are not gender specific. Aspects such as safety, quality, price, design, ease of driving, benefits and environmental footprint, among others, are considered when casting the votes.


However, beyond choosing the best cars of the year, our goal is also to give visibility to women in the automotive world and to contribute to making women’s voices heard on all continents because mobility for a woman means access to many personal and professional possibilities.

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